INTERVALS: The Cyberspace Group that will RENDEVOUS with you

is composed of THREE incredible musicians

Style:The Amazing thing about the sound of INTERVALS is the INTERVAL of time. Like the space between Notes. The sixties sound of INTERVALS introduces us to a modern blend of 60's sounds with the insights born during the 45 years since they played in Canada. They play now in CYBERSPACE using tools unimaginable then. The catalyst for the Lyrical content comes from Poems written by David highly influenced by percolated Coffee Beans. He Andy and Esa have yet to meet since the day David disappeared. His Histscape happened in 1969. The MOVIE "Finding David" is the fictional account of the missing INTERVAL of time and the 8 songs were styled and written to interpret the reformation of the group you hear. David and the fictional Allan, Rob, and Mike let you know ITS TIME!


Singer, Songwriter, former drummer from Larder Lake Ontario now resides in California. Melody maker extraordinaire and an imagination and quirkiness to match he along with Andy came up with "Finding David" the Ultimate reunion of a sixties band Screenplay and Soundtrack. 

Andy Camp

Band Leader unlike Davie (Can-Amera) went from (Amera-Can), Louisiana to Kirkland Lake. Keyboards now but back when he played them all. Andy takes Davie's melodies and reforms his work. Here with Finding David a lot of the lyrics were 50 years old. 

Esa Lehti

Esa (Can-Can) stayed in Canada but moved West from Kirkland Lake to lovely Kelowna BC.  In 1967 he was a member of a rival band but after 43 years he became an Interval. His talent with guitar is highlighted with Halcyon Days which Haunts Davie. 

1968 then - INTERVALS - now 2018

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